What is Rehab Training?

•Rehab Training is very similar to what a physical therapist practices. Post surgery – injury rehabilitation would usually result in a Doctor prescribing PT and after PT you would continue to a Rehabilitation Specialist who could excel your body/injury site back to its full range of motion, strength and in most cases stronger than before. Physical Therapist only get you to a certain level required by their protocol or the insurance benefits run out.

•In some cases patients/clients have more success working with a rehab specialist who has successfully rehabilitated that injury, not all physical therapist or Dr. of Physical Therapy are the answer to your prayers. It sometimes pays to get the right rehabilitation, rather than whoever the insurance offers.

•I work closely with all kinds of doctors, physical therapist and chiropractors in order  to help anyone dealing with pain or healing and yield to doctors when outside of the scope of my knowledge.

•Rehabilitation comes in all forms, not only injury/dis-ease/surgery but sometimes just rehabilitating ones life. Getting you all the way back to where you would like to be functioning and looking for that matter. For some, that would be an athlete looking to return to his sport at the highest level possible but need to loose 30 lbs or cant figure out why his shoulder aches. Many times ive found I do NOT need a Doctor but rather the perfect program of rehabilitation from someone who truly knows the body.

•Injury prevention is a huge part of  REHAB TRAINING. Preventing those who have not yet been injured and of course avoiding re-injury is a primary focus of this program.

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